September-October 2018

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September-October 2018

Volume: 106 Number: 5

Astronomers employ computational techniques to manage the ever-increasing flood of data from state-of-the-art ground- and space-based observatories. (Cover design and illustration by Barbara Aulicino and Tom Dunne. Galaxy based on spiral galaxy Messier 101; image courtesy of NASA, ESA, CXC, SSC, and STScI.)

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Why Do Galaxies Start Out as Cosmic Pickles?

Joel R. Primack

Astronomy Computer Mathematics

A geometric mystery from deep space is sharpening the computer models used to understand the complex history of the universe and to peer into its far future.

Gaia Reveals the Milky Way

Ronald Drimmel

Astronomy Computer Technology

Seeing our galaxy in 3D solves modern and ancient mysteries.

Scientists' Nightstand