Educational Use

We are delighted to share our articles for classroom use. It is Sigma Xi's policy to grant permission at no charge for the educational use of American Scientist articles (PDFs or photocopies) with the understanding that students will be charged only for the cost of reproduction.


All permission requests for classroom use should be submitted in writing to our office, using the link below or via mail or fax. Our mailing address is P.O. Box 13975, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709. The fax number is 919-547-5272. Our e-mail address is perms@amsci.org. Back issues and PDFs can be ordered directly from us; if your institution holds a site license, the PDF fee is waived for classroom use.

Response Time

You should expect our response to your request within five working days. Permission is granted for one-term use. You will need to make your request in writing each time you would like to use an American Scientist article.

Photocopy Credit Line

The standard credit line accompanying the reproduction should include: "Reprinted by permission of American Scientist, magazine of Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Honor Society."

Request Form to Photocopy for Educational Use

Commercial Use

American Scientist charges a fee of $25 per text page or per figure. Most of the graphs and charts are created in-house by our staff artists. In each issue there is a credit box that gives the name of the artist for each figure produced by our artists. Permission can usually be given for use of these figures. Please submit your request in writing, including the full citation of the article, and the page number and location on the page (if there is more than one figure on the same page) where the figure appeared in American Scientist.


The magazine usually has one-time rights to publish a photograph. The copyright is held by another source. The copyright holder is identified either in a credit line beside the photograph or in the caption. This is the source to contact directly if you wish to use a photograph.