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The Biology of Cannabis

In this live video Q&A, plant biologist George Weiblen discusses what he's learned since 2001, when he became the first scientist with approval to grow marijuana and hemp in the lab.

February 20, 2017

From The Staff Biology Botany

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Plant biologist George Weiblen was once ridiculed as the "professor of pot," but he never imagined where we'd be now, with marijuana as one of the fastest growing industries in the United States, and hemp as a burgeoning one. Still, cannabis is "widely misunderstood," he says, and his research "brings some clarity and objectivity" into the discourse. Here, I talk with him about his latest work on the evolution, genetics, and crop science of cannabis.

A brief Storify of the discussion is below.

Q&A with Plant Biologist George Weiblen

As the first biologist with approval to grow cannabis in the lab, Weiblen was once ridiculed as "the professor of pot," but now he's studying a plant at the heart of two burgeoning industries.

  1. Weiblen's research is moving toward continue studying cross populations to understand how hemp and drug-type cannabis differ #AmSciTalks
  2. Interest in Minnesota exists to make certified seed so farmers may grow industrial hemp. -George Weiblen #AmSciTalks
  3. This concludes our live Q & A on #cannabis with George Weiblen, scientific director @BellMuseum. Thanks for watching! #AmSciTalks


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