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Most Popular Blog Posts 2016

It’s been a full year of blogging at American Scientist. Here are the highlights!

December 26, 2016

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It's been a full year of blogging at American Scientist. Over the year, we’ve hosted many voices on a variety of subjects, from science communication pointers to cochlear implants. Our blogs are of four types:

  • Macroscope—scientists discuss new directions or issues,
  • The Long View—authors update a magazine feature with the latest research,
  • Science Culture—staff and scientist authors write about the interaction between science and culture,
  • From the Staff—our editorial team discusses what’s on our radar.

Here are the highlights—in each category—the most popular posts of 2016.


The Long View

#15 Reasons to Teach
Mathematical Modeling

New Brain Insights
from Cochlear Implants

#2The Evolution of the
21st Century Scientist

How Hair Ice

#3How Forensic Scientists
Find a Dead Body

Fire’s Weird Behavior
in Space

Science Culture

From the Staff

#1Tuck In Your Kids with
Science Bedtime Stories

12 Tips for Scientists
Writing for the General Public

#2The Power of the Little Guy

Stop Using the Word

the Paleolithic

8 Myths About Public
Understanding of Science

Other Top Blogs

Here are eight more to round out our list of the top-20 blog posts of the year 2016:



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