The Challenge of Survival for Wild Infant Baboons

Over the past 40 years, researchers have learned that social relationships can mean life or death for young primates.

Evolution Animal Behavior

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November-December 2016

Volume 104, Number 6
Page 366

DOI: 10.1511/2016.123.366

Early dawn in the Amboseli basin of southern Kenya, just south of the equator, can be chilly. Amboseli lies at 1,100 meters elevation; days can be very hot, but it always cools off at night. On this particular morning in July 2012, an infant baboon named Moon nestled against his mother while he suckled, keeping warm, as the other animals in his social group began to stir. They greeted each other as they woke by grunting, lipsmacking, and embracing.

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