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In Good Health? Thank Your 100 Trillion Bacteria

For years, bacteria have had a bad name. They are the cause of infections, of diseases. They are something to be scrubbed away, things to be avoided...

from the New York Times (Registration Required)

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Professor's Academic Freedom Was Violated, UC Davis Faculty Leaders Say

UC Davis faculty leaders have declared that medical school administrators there violated the academic freedom of a professor who published a 2010 opinion article criticizing a campus event promoting prostate cancer screening...

from the Los Angeles Times (Registration Required)

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Dam Removal to Help Restore Spawning Grounds

BRADLEY, Me. -- Under a bright sky here, a convoy of heavy equipment rolled onto the bed of the Penobscot River on Monday to smash the Great Works Dam, a barrier that has blocked the river for nearly two centuries...

from the New York Times (Registration Required)

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Swedes Implant Tissue-Engineered Vein in 10-Year-Old Girl

Swedish researchers have, for the first time, implanted a tissue-engineered vein made from her own stem cells into a 10-year-old girl. The implant of the portal vein had to be repeated after a year, but the team reported that the new vein dramatically improved the young girl's quality of life, allowing her to grow taller, gain weight and begin exercising...

from the Los Angeles Times (Registration Required)

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Particles Point Way for NASA's Voyager

Scientists working on Voyager 1 are receiving further data suggesting the probe is close to crossing into interstellar space...

from the BBC News Online

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Three Doctors Charged in Armstrong Doping Case

One unusual aspect of the doping case brought against Lance Armstrong is that three doctors have been charged in addition to the champion cyclist. The United States anti-doping agency (USADA) says that Armstrong and the doctors were involved in a "pervasive pattern of doping." The seven-time Tour de France winner vehemently denies the charges...

from BBC News Online

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Italian Scientists Win Battle to Halt Controversial Research

The Italian research minister, Francesco Profumo, has bowed to pressure from Italian and international scientists and agreed to take a closer look at a proposed nuclear research programme at one of the country's leading institutes. He has also withdrawn his nomination of a proponent of the controversial research for the institute's scientific council...

from Nature News

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A Three-Way Partnership at the Bottom of the Sea

In dense fields of seagrass that carpet coastal waters around the world, there's a three-way interaction keeping the ecosystem thriving. Two-shelled mollusks called bivalves, bacteria inhabiting the bivalves' gills, and seagrasses themselves all live symbiotically, new research reveals. The finding helps explain the long-standing puzzle of how seagrasses can survive in murky shoreline waters and offers insight into how scientists can better restore seagrass ecosystems, which are declining worldwide...

from ScienceNOW Daily News

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EPA Issues New Soot Regulations

Responding to a lawsuit from 11 states, the Environmental Protection Agency is proposing new air quality standards to lower the amount of soot that can be released into the air...

from the Christian Science Monitor

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