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Mistrust, Metaphor, and Medicine

Katie L. Burke

A brief review of ON IMMUNITY: An Inoculation, by Katie L. Burke.

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On the Shore of the Infinite

Corey S. Powell

A brief review of COSMIGRAPHICS: Picturing Space Through Time, by Corey S. Powell

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Birth of the Coolth

Dianne Timblin

A brief review of COOL: How Air Conditioning Changed Everything, by Dianne Timblin.

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If These Cubicles Could Talk

Dianne Timblin

A brief review of Fearless Genius: The Digital Revolution in Silicon Valley, 1985–2000, by Dianne Timblin

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Snow Science

Sandra J. Ackerman

A brief review of Secrets of the Greatest Snow on Earth, by Sandra J. Ackerman

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The Evolution of Friendship

Harold Green

A brief review of Talent for Friendship: Rediscovery of a Remarkable Trait, by Harold M. Green

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Thoroughly Modern Microbes

Margaret Clark

A brief review of Missing Microbes: How the Overuse of Antibiotics Is Fueling Our Modern Plagues, by Margaret Clark

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The Bonds that Make Everything

Fenella Saunders

2015-01NightstandSaundersF2.jpgA brief review of Molecules: The Elements and Architecture of Everything, by Theodore Gray, with photographs by Nick Mann

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The World's Survivors

Katie L. Burke

A brief review of The Oldest Living Things in the World, by Rachel Sussman

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Taste Masters

Sandra J. Ackerman

2015-01NightstandAckermanF1.jpgA brief review of Umami: Unlocking the Secrets of the Fifth Taste, by Ole G. Mouritsen and Klavs Styrbaek

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