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Programming Your Quantum Computer » American Scientist

2014-01HayesF1.jpg Click to Enlarge Image The year is 2024, and I have just
brought home my first quantum computer. When I plug it in and switch it on, the ...

First Programmable Quantum Computer Created » American Scientist

Using a few ultracold ions, intense lasers and some electrodes, researchers have
built the first programmable quantum computer. The new system, described in ...

Silicon Quantum Computer a Possibility » American Scientist

Ambitions to build a solid-state quantum computer received a boost this week
from a team of researchers based at the University of Oxford, UK, who reported
the ...

The Square Root of NOT » American Scientist

In a quantum computer, the basic working parts would probably have to be
individual electrons or atoms, and so another answer to the "Why not?" question
is ...

Inside Information » American Scientist

Quantum Computer Science is a gentle and clearly written textbook that
introduces the theory of quantum information processing, or quantum
computation for ...

Quantum Computer Simulates Hydrogen Molecule Just Right ...

It is a quantum computer, as Feynman forecast. And it is the first quantum
computer to simulate and calculate the behavior of a molecular, quantum system.

Entanglement Both Boon and Bane in Quantum Computing ...

Entanglement Both Boon and Bane in Quantum Computing. Spooky quantum
entanglement, a mysterious link between separated particles of energy or matter,

Quantum Computing Device Hints at Powerful Future » American ...

Rather than the ones and zeroes of digital computing, quantum computers deal
in what are known as superpositions--states of matter that can be thought of as ...

Nerves and Chips, Networking Standards, Quantum Computing ...

Speaking of computing, the BBC reported that one of the most complex efforts
toward developing a quantum computer was shown off at the American Physical

Quantum Computing: The Power of Discord » American Scientist

White had spent years working on quantum computation, attempting to exploit
subatomic physics to create a device with the potential to outperform its best ...

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