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Programming Your Quantum Computer » American Scientist

2014-01HayesF1.jpg Click to Enlarge Image The year is 2024, and I have just
brought home my first quantum computer. When I plug it in and switch it on, the ...

The Square Root of NOT » American Scientist

In a quantum computer, the basic working parts would probably have to be
individual electrons or atoms, and so another answer to the "Why not?" question
is ...

Inside Information » American Scientist

Quantum Computer Science is a gentle and clearly written textbook that
introduces the theory of quantum information processing, or quantum
computation for ...

First Programmable Quantum Computer Created » American Scientist

Using a few ultracold ions, intense lasers and some electrodes, researchers have
built the first programmable quantum computer. The new system, described in ...

Quantum Computing Device Hints at Powerful Future » American ...

Rather than the ones and zeroes of digital computing, quantum computers deal
in what are known as superpositions--states of matter that can be thought of as ...

Silicon Quantum Computer a Possibility » American Scientist

Ambitions to build a solid-state quantum computer received a boost this week
from a team of researchers based at the University of Oxford, UK, who reported
the ...

An interview with Seth Lloyd » American Scientist

Such are the dreams of quantum computing, an emerging science that enlists
elementary particles to process information. To a quantum engineer, everything
in ...

Quantum Computer Simulates Hydrogen Molecule Just Right ...

It is a quantum computer, as Feynman forecast. And it is the first quantum
computer to simulate and calculate the behavior of a molecular, quantum system.

Minifridge Makes Quantum Computers Last » American Scientist

Quantum computers have the potential to breeze through calculations much
faster than conventional computers, making them useful for tasks like code-
breaking ...

Entanglement Both Boon and Bane in Quantum Computing ...

Entanglement Both Boon and Bane in Quantum Computing. Spooky quantum
entanglement, a mysterious link between separated particles of energy or matter,

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