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Candy Crush's Puzzling Mathematics » American Scientist

FEATURE ARTICLE. Candy Crush's Puzzling Mathematics. This simple game
has deceptively difficult computational problems behind it, which might be why it's

Adventures in Mathematical Knitting » American Scientist

I have known how to knit since elementary school, but I can't quite remember
when I first started knitting mathematical objects. At the latest, it was during my
first ...

Modernism in Mathematics » American Scientist

Modern mathematics—in the sense the term is used by working mathematicians
these days—took shape in the period from 1890 to 1930, mainly in Germany ...

In Defense of Pure Mathematics » American Scientist

FEATURE ARTICLE. In Defense of Pure Mathematics. After 75 years, Godfrey
Harold Hardy's A Mathematician's Apology still fuels debate over pure versus ...

Crackin' Good Mathematics » American Scientist

A couple of years ago, Alain Goriely of the University of Arizona visited Hungary
for a mathematical conference. He took a break to listen to some local bands ...

Camelot of Mathematics » American Scientist

England in the 1800s must have been a Camelot of mathematics, featuring an
extraordinary population of brilliant eccentrics. In future excursions there, you ...

Candy Crush's Puzzling Mathematics » American Scientist

The highly popular game Candy Crush has mathematics behind it that are in fact
useful and could be harnessed for bigger problems, including computer ...

Speaking of Mathematics » American Scientist

COMPUTING SCIENCE. Speaking of Mathematics. Brian Hayes. This column
originally appeared in the March-April 1996 issue of American Scientist.

5 Reasons to Teach Mathematical Modeling » American Scientist

May 5, 2015 ... Mathematics in its purest forms has incredible power and beauty. New
mathematics is key to innovations in most science, technology, ...

Mathematics and Tensegrity » American Scientist

FEATURE ARTICLE. Mathematics and Tensegrity. Group and representation
theory make it possible to form a complete catalogue of "strut-cable"
constructions ...

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