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Tennessee Coal-Ash Spill Only One EPA Hurdle

When the dam broke-- ayear ago Tuesday, a little after midnight--Sandy Gupton thought she was hearing two trains colliding. It wasn't until morning that she saw what had really happened near Kingston, Tenn. It looked, Gupton said, "like a volcano had erupted."

from the Washington Post (Registration Required)

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Whatever Doesn't Kill Some Animals Can Make Them Deadly

Have you ever tried to think up the worst meal you could imagine? How about blue-ringed octopus, floral egg crab, basket shell snails and puffer fish...

from the New York Times (Registration Required)

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Study: With Cardiac Rehab, More Is Better

Cardiac rehabilitation sessions for elderly people with heart disease can lower their risk of heart attack and help them live longer, new research finds, but fewer than one in five eligible patients bothers to go...

from USA Today

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Jurupa Hills Oak May Be California's Oldest Plant

Nestled between two boulders on a low rise in the Jurupa Hills of Riverside County, a good 30 miles from its nearest living relative, lies the ultimate survivor--an oak bush that researchers believe is 13,000 years old...

from the Los Angeles Times (Registration Required)

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Taking Mental Snapshots to Plumb Our Inner Selves

Psychologists have many ways to get inside our heads: they can give us questionnaires, track our eyes, time how long we take to respond to cues and measure the blood flow to our brains. But how close can these methods get to the texture of our inner lives?

from the New York Times (Registration Required)

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Science News Highlights of 2009

It was the year we learned of a spectacular smash-up in space, and scientists working on the world's biggest physics experiment delighted at collisions of an entirely different sort...

from BBC News Online

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Stem Cell Eye Treatment Restores Sight

A man who was partially blinded after intervening in a fight has had his vision restored by a new stem-cell therapy...

from the Times (London)

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First Case of Swine Flu in Dog Confirmed

(LA Times and Associated Press) -- Veterinarians in White Plains, N.Y., have identified the first known case of pandemic H1N1 influenza in a dog--a 13-year-old mixed-breed male who is now recovering. The dog was tested because his owner previously had swine flu...

from the Seattle Times

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When Fire Approaches, Chimps Keep Their Cool

When primatologist Jill Pruetz found herself threatened by wildfires in the savannas of Fongoli, Senegal, in 2006 she had two options: stay with the chimpanzees she was studying, or run...

from ScienceNOW Daily News

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Hormones in Concert

Multiple hormones act in concert to regulate blood sugar and food intake. The idea has already led to a new diabetes therapy; will it also yield new strategies for obesity?

from the Scientist (Registration Required)

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