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Greenland Ice Loss 30 Percent Faster Than a Decade Ago

Greenland's glaciers are melting at an increasing rate, though not at the breakneck pace that scientists once feared, a new study has found.

In other environmental news, researchers have found in long-term studies that some plants are flowering up to eight times faster than computer models anticipate.

Genetically modified crops in the Midwest and South are having unanticipated consequences, including "Trojan corn," "super weeds" and the disappearance of monarch butterflies.

More water moved into and out of the atmosphere in 2000 than in 1950, making parts of the world's oceans saltier and fresher waters less salty, researchers report.

Pacific reef shark populations have declined by 90 percent or more over the past several decades, according to a new study, and much of this decline stems from human fishing pressure. It seems that shark populations fare worse the closer they are to people--even if the nearest population is an atoll with fewer than 100 residents.

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