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January-February 2015 (Volume 103, Number 1)

  • "Arsenic, the 'King of Poisons,' in Food and Water," by Andrew Yosim, Kathryn Bailey, and Rebecca C. Fry
  • "Journey to the Solar System's Third Zone," by S. Alan Stern
  • "The Acoustic World of Harbor Porpoises," by Magnus Wahlberg, Meike Linnenschmidt, Peter T. Madsen, Danuta M. Wisniewska, and Lee A. Miller
  • "When the Cause of Stroke is Cryptic," by David M. Kent and David E. Thaler
  • "Like Holding a Piece of Sky," by Mark Miodownik

March-April 2015 (Volume 103, Number 2)

  • "How Animals Communicate Via Pheromones," by Tristram D. Wyatt
  • "Carbon Nanotubes Deliver in Medicine," by Khuloud T. Al-Jamal
  • "The Origins of Lying and Deception in Everyday Life," by Michael Lewis
  • "Phytoliths: The Storytelling Stones Inside Plants," by Thomas C. Hart
  • "What Next for Particle Physics?," by Jon Butterworth

May-June 2015 (Volume 103, Number 3)

  • "Modern Lessons from Ancient Food Webs," by Justin D. Yeakel & Jennifer A. Dunne
  • "The Next Great Exoplanet Hunt," by Kevin Heng & Joshua Winn
  • "Taste, Sickness, and Learning," by Terry L. Davidson & Anthony L. Riley
  • "Fabrication at the Nano Scale with Molds and Imprinting," by Jaslyn B. K. Law
  • "The Fatigue Conundrum," by Ashley Nunes & Philippe Cabon

July-August 2015 (Volume 103, Number 4)

  • "African Names for American Plants" by Tinde R. van Andel
  • "Shark Trails of the Eastern Pacific" by A. Peter Klimley
  • "The Voyagers’ Odyssey" by Stamatios M. Krimigis and Robert B. Decker

September-October 2015 (Volume 103, Number 5)

  • "The Most Powerful Movements in Biology" by S.N. Patek
  • "The Past and Future Space Suit" by David P. Cadogan
  • "Do Humans Possess a Second Sense of Hearing?" by Neil Todd
  • "A Protective Cloak Against Earthquakes and Storms" by Gregory J. Gbur

A famous artwork is shown as it is viewed by an artificial neural network

November-December 2015 (Volume 103, Number 6)

  • "Where the Xingu Bends and Will Soon Break," by Mark Sabaj Pérez
  • "Restoring Depth to Leonardo's Mona Lisa," by Claus-Christian Carbon and Vera M. Hesslinger
  • "The Rising Cost of Resources and Global Indicators of Change," by Carey W. King
  • "In Defense of Pure Mathematics," by Daniel S. Silver

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