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January-February 2014 (Volume 102, Number 1)

  • "The Dilemma of Space Debris," by David Finkleman
  • "Flights of Fancy in Avian Evolution," by Daniel T. Ksepka
  • "How to Fight Back Against Antibiotic Resistance," by Gautam Dantas and Morten O. A. Sommer
  • "The Visual Trickery of Obscured Animals," by Judy Diamond and Alan B. Bond
  • "Ocean Acidification: The Other Climate Change Issue," by Ashanti Johnson and Natasha D. White

March-April 2014 (Volume 102, Number 2)

  • "Engineered Molecules for Smarter Medicines," by Darlene K. Taylor and Uddhav Balami
  • "Social Media Monitors the Largest Fish in the Sea," by Tim K. Davies
  • "The Challenge of Manufacturing Between Macro and Micro," by Robert J. Wood
  • "Simulating Star Formation on the Galactic Scale," by Clare Dobbs
  • "Twisted Math and Beautiful Geometry," by Eli Maor and Eugen Jost

May-June 2014 (Volume 102, Number 3)

  • "On the Trail of the First Placental Mammals," by Maureen A. O'Leary
  • "The Hidden Past of Invisible Ink," by Kristie Macrakis
  • "The Fine Art of Decay," by Sara C. Robinson
  • "War and Redemption in Gorongosa," by Edward O. Wilson
  • "H.M.S. Beagle, 1820-1870" by Keith Thomson

July-August 2014 (Volume 102, Number 4)

  • "Can Skinny Fat Fight Obesity?" by Philip A. Rea, Peter Yin, and Ryan Zahalka
  • "Engines Powered by the Forces Between Atoms," by Fabrizio Pinto
  • "Why Some Animals Forgo Reproduction in Complex Societies," by Peter M. Buston and Marian Y. L. Wong
  • "The Deadly Dynamics of Landslides," by Susan W. Kieffer

September-October 2014 (Volume 102, Number 5)

  • "A Threat to New Zealand’s Tuatara Heats Up" by Kristine L. Grayson, Nicola J. Mitchell, and Nicola J. Nelson
  • "Master of Missing Elements," by Eric R. Scerri
  • "What’s in a Grasp?," by David A. Rosenbaum, Oliver Herbort, Robrecht van der Wel, and Daniel J. Weiss
  • "New Twists in Earth’s Radiation Belts," by Daniel N. Baker
  • "Quietest Places in the World," by Trevor Cox

November-December 2014 (Volume 102, Number 6)

  • "Candy Crush’s Puzzling Mathematics," by Toby Walsh
  • "The Evolutionary Truth About Living Fossils," by Alexander J. Werth and William A. Shear
  • "Curious Chemistry Guides Hydrangea Colors," by Henry D. Schreiber
  • "Estrogen in Men," by Erik Wibowo and Richard Wassersug
  • "The Statistical Crisis in Science," by Andrew Gelman and Eric Loken

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