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January-February 2011 (Volume 99, Number 1)

  • "Fractures and Bindings of Consciousness," by Don M. Tucker and Mark D. Holmes
  • "From Treasury Vault to the Manhattan Project," by Cameron Reed
  • "Chromatin Evolving," by Gregory A. Babbitt
  • American Scientist Classics: "Galaxies," by Virginia Trimble

March-April 2011 (Volume 99, Number 2)

  • "Refuting a Myth About Human Origins," by John J. Shea
  • "Ancestors of Apollo," by Dennis Danielson
  • "The Evolution of Cave Life," by Aldemaro Romero

May-June 2011 (Volume 99, Number 3)

  • "Global Energy: The Latest Infatuations," by Vaclav Smil
  • "Marking Loons, Making Progress," by Walter Piper, Jay Mager and Charles Walcott
  • "Pliocene Climate Lessons," by Marci Robinson
  • "Porphyrins: One Ring in the Colors of Life," by Franck E. Dayan and Emilie A. Dayan

July-August Cover

July-August 2011 (Volume 99, Number 4)

  • "Giant Viruses," by James L. Van Etten
  • "The Future of Time: UTC and the Leap Second," by David Finkleman, Steve Allen, John H. Seago, Rob Seaman and P. Kenneth Seidelmann
  • "Alone in the Universe," by Howard A. Smith

September-October 2011 (Volume 99, Number 5)

  • "Tardigrades," by William R. Miller
  • "Self-healing Polymers and Composites," by S. R. White, B. J. Blaiszik, S. L. B. Kramer, S. C. Olugebefola, J. S. Moore and N. R. Sottos
  • "Urbanism on West Africa's Slave Coast," by J. Cameron Monroe

November-December 2011 (Volume 99, Number 6)

  • "Empirical Software Engineering," by Greg Wilson and Jorge Aranda
  • "Making Biofuel from Microalgae," by Philip T. Pienkos, Lieve Laurens and Andy Aden
  • "Whatever Became of Holography?," by Sean F. Johnston

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