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January-February 2010 (Volume 98, Number 1)

  • "Assessing Risks from Bisphenol A," by Heather Patisaul
  • "Phoenix on Mars," by Walter Goetz
  • "Neural Interfaces," by Warren M. Grill
  • "Carbon Dioxide and the Climate" by James Rodger Fleming and Gavin Schmidt

March-April 2010 (Volume 98, Number 2)

  • "The Ultimate Mouthful: Lunge Feeding in Rorqual Whales," by Jeremy A. Goldbogen
  • "The Race for Real-time Photorealism," by Tomas Akenine-Möller and Henrik Wann Jensen
  • "Gene-Culture Coevolution and Human Diet," by Olii Arjamaa and Timo Vuorisalo
  • "Finding Alzheimer's Disease" by Ralf Dahm

May-June 2010 cover

May-June 2010 (Volume 98, Number 3)

  • "To Signal Is Human," by Alex (Sandy) Pentland
  • "Revealing the True Solar Corona," by Richard Woo
  • "Development Influences Evolution," by Katherine Willimore
  • "To See for One’s Self" by Darin L. Wolfe

July-August 2010 cover

July-August 2010 (Volume 98, Number 4)

  • "Ivermectin and River Blindness," by Philip A. Rea, Vivian Zhang and Yelena S. Baras
  • "Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors," by Robert Hargraves and Ralph Moir
  • "Wiggling Through the World," by Daniel I. Goldman and David L. Hu
  • "Science After the Volcano Blew" by Douglas W. Larson

September-October 2010 (Volume 98, Number 5)

  • "Evolution on a Frozen Continent," by David Lambert, Craig Millar, Siva Swaminathan and Carlo Baroni
  • "High-power Lasers," by Todd Ditmire
  • "A Bigger, Better Brain," by Maddalena Bearzi and Craig Stanford
  • "Gifts and Perils of Landslides" by Kenneth Hewitt

November-December 2010 (Volume 98, Number 6)

  • "An Empire Lacking Food," by Craig McClain
  • "The Anatomy of a Neutron," by Timothy Paul Smith
  • "The 95 Percent Solution," by John Falk and Lynn Dierking

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