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January-February 2007 (Volume 95, Number 1)

  • "Why We Develop Food Allergies," by Per Brandtzaeg
  • "Gauging Earthquake Hazards with Precariously Balanced Rocks," by James N. Brune, Matthew D. Purvance and Abdolrasool Anooshehpoor
  • "The Mysterious Origins of the Sweet Apple," by Barrie E. Juniper
  • "The Formation of Snow Crystals," by Kenneth G. Libbrecht
  • "When Averages Hide Individual Differences in Clinical Trials," by David Kent and Rodney Hayward

March-April 2007 (Volume 95, Number 2)

  • "Uncovering Prehistoric Hurricane Activity," by Kam-biu Liu
  • "Multiscale Modeling in Biology," by Santiago Schnell, Ramon Grima and Philip K. Maini
  • "Imprinted and More Equal," by Randy L. Jirtle and Jennifer R. Weidman
  • "Amber's Botanical Origins Revealed," by Jorge A. Santiago-Blay and Joseph B. Lambert
  • "Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles for a Sustainable Future," by Andrew A. Frank

May-June 2007 (Volume 95, Number 3)

  • "Liquid-Mirror Telescopes," by Paul Hickson
  • "Extreme Microbes," by Shiladitya DasSarma
  • "Soot: Giver and Taker of Light," by Christopher R. Shaddix and Timothy C. Williams
  • "The Uniqueness of Human Recursive Thinking," by Michael C. Corballis
  • "The Most Dangerous Equation," by Howard Wainer

July-August 2007

July-August 2007 (Volume 95, Number 4)

  • "The Shrinking Glaciers of Kilimanjaro: Can Global Warming Be Blamed?" by Philip W. Mote and Georg Kaser
  • "Feel the Burn," by Gina M. Story and Lillian Cruz-Orengo
  • "Cassini: The First One Thousand Days," by Carolyn C. Porco
  • "Kelvin, Perry and the Age of the Earth," by Philip C. England, Peter Molnar and Frank M. Richter

September-October 2007 (Volume 95, Number 5)

  • "Genetics and the Shape of Dogs," by Elaine A. Ostrander
  • "Are Planetary Systems Filled to Capacity?" by Steven Soter
  • "Secrets in the Shell," by Roberto Ballarini and Arthur H. Heuer
  • "Revolutionary Minds," by Susan Solomon, John S. Daniel and Daniel L. Druckenbrod

November-December 2007 (Volume 95, Number 6)

  • "Safer Salads," by Jorge M. Fonseca and Sadhana Ravishankar
  • "Breeding Better Buildings," by Rafal Kicinger and Tomasz Arciszewski
  • "The Origins of Larvae," by Donald I. Williamson and Sonya E. Vickers
  • "The Other Evolution Wars," by David Kaiser

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