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January-February 2006 (Volume 94, Number 1)

  • "High-speed Imaging of Shock Waves, Explosions and Gunshots," by Gary S. Settles
  • "First Life," by Michael Russell
  • "A Bright Future for Subwavelength Light Sources," by Tineke Thio
  • "Fallout from Nuclear Weapons Tests and Cancer Risks," by Steven L. Simon, André Bouville and Charles E. Land
  • "Ancient Lakes of the Sahara," Kevin White and David J. Mattingly

March-April 2006 (Volume 94, Number 2)

  • "How Gecko Toes Stick," by Kellar Autumn
  • "Winning the Accuracy Game," by Hugh G. Gauch, Jr.
  • "The Cognitive Psychology of Belief in the Supernatural," by Jesse M. Bering
  • "Filaments of Light," by Jérôme Kasparian
  • "Knot Theory's Odd Origins," by Daniel S. Silver

May-June 2006 (Volume 94, Number 3)

  • "Group Decision Making in Honey Bee Swarms," by Thomas D. Seeley, P. Kirk Visscher and Kevin M. Passino
  • "The Interplanetary Transport Network," by Shane D. Ross
  • "Genetic Strategies for Controlling Mosquito-Borne Diseases," by Fred Gould, Krisztian Magori and Yunxin Huang
  • "Perceptual Pleasure and the Brain," by Irving Biederman and Edward A. Vessel
  • "A Coprological View of Ancestral Pueblo Cannibalism," by Karl J. Reinhard

July-August 2006 (Volume 94, Number 4)

  • "Protecting Ourselves from Shellfish Poisoning," by Mary Wilcox Silver
  • "Sleep to Remember," by Matthew P. Walker
  • "The Source of Europe's Mild Climate," by Richard Seager
  • "Constructing Animal Locomotion from New Thermodynamics Theory," by Adrian Bejan and James H. Marden
  • "The Topology and Combinatorics of Soccer Balls," by Dieter Kotschick

September-October 2006 (Volume 94, Number 5)

  • "Rethinking the Fall of Easter Island," by Terry L. Hunt
  • "Extrasolar Planetary Systems," by Gregory P. Laughlin
  • "Algae-Dominated Reefs," by Peter S. Vroom, Kimberly N. Page, Jean C. Kenyon and Russell E. Brainard
  • "Modifying Light," by Joseph A. Castellano
  • "The Zebrafish Exposed," by Ralf Dahm

November-December 2006 (Volume 94, Number 6)

  • "Gracilization of the Modern Human Skeleton," by Christopher B. Ruff
  • "Tamper-Indicating Seals," by Roger G. Johnston
  • "Embarrassment: A Form of Social Pain," by Christine R. Harris
  • "The Sounds of Spacetime," by Craig J. Hogan
  • "Growing Up with Chernobyl," by Robert K. Chesser and Robert J. Baker

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