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January-February 2005 (Volume 93, Number 1)

  • "Exercise Controls Gene Expression," by Frank W. Booth and P. Darrell Neufer
  • "The Star-formation History of the Universe," by Alan Heavens
  • "The Home of Blue Water Fish," by A. Peter Klimley, John E. Richert and Salvador J. Jorgensen
  • "Explosives Detection with Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance," by Joel B. Miller and Geoffrey A. Barrall
  • "Grass-roots Justice in Tanzania," by Brian Paciotti, Craig Hadley, Christopher Holmes and Monique Borgerhoff Mulder

March-April 2005 (Volume 93, Number 2)

  • "The Ecology and Evolution of Hawaiian Spider Communities," by Rosemary Gillespie
  • "Fuel Efficiency and the Economy," by Roger H. Bezdek and Robert M. Wendling
  • "Predicting Addiction," by Lisa N. Legrand, William G. Iacono and Matt McGue
  • "Monitoring Elusive Mammals," by James G. Sanderson, Mogens Trolle
  • "Physics and Feynman's Diagrams," by David Kaiser

May-June 2005 (Volume 93, Number 3)

  • "Predicting a Baseball's Path," by A. Terry Bahill, David G. Baldwin and Jayendran Venkateswaran
  • "The Lion's Mane," by Peyton M. West
  • "Polarization of the Cosmic Microwave Background," by Matthew Hedman
  • "New Ideas About Old Sharks," by Susan Turner and Randall F. Miller
  • "Science and Religious Fundamentalism in the 1920s," by Edward B. Davis

July-August 2005 (Volume 93, Number 4)

  • "A New Understanding of Protein Mutation Unfolds," by P. Michael Conn and Jo Ann Janovick
  • "Climate and the Collapse of Maya Civilization," by Larry C. Peterson and Gerald H. Haug
  • "Feeling Smart: The Science of Emotional Intelligence," by Daisy Grewal and Peter Salovey
  • "The Mystery of Masting in Trees," by Walter D. Koenig and Johannes M. H. Knops
  • "The Collapse of the Kinzua Viaduct," by Thomas Leech

September-October 2005 (Volume 93, Number 5)

  • "Fighting Cancer Through the Study of Sarcomas," by Igor Matushansky and Robert Maki
  • "Detecting Illicit Nuclear Materials," by Richard T. Kouzes
  • "Cheating Viruses and Game Theory," by Paul E. Turner
  • "Charting Color from the Eye of the Beholder," by Edward R. Landa and Mark D. Fairchild
  • "Water Fountains with Special Effects," by Said Shakerin

November-December 2005 (Volume 93, Number 6)

  • "Biofilms," by Joe J. Harrison, Raymond J. Turner, Lyrium L. R. Marques and Howard Ceri
  • "Imaging Earthlike Exoplanets," by Thomas J. Sherrill
  • "How Tunas and Lamnid Sharks Swim: An Evolutionary Convergence," by Robert E. Shadwick
  • "Yawning," by Robert R. Provine
  • "Ancient Wollemi Pines Resurgent," by Stephan McLoughlin and Vivi Vajda

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