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January-February 2004 (Volume 92, Number 1)

  • "The Cosmic Web," by Robert A. Simcoe
  • "Human Biomonitoring of Environmental Chemicals," by Ken Sexton, Larry L. Needham and James L. Pirkle
  • "Ancient Earthquakes at Lake Lucerne," by Michael Schnellmann, Flavio S. Anselmetti, Domenico Giardini, Judith A. McKenzie and Steven N. Ward
  • "Salt Marshes Under Siege," by Mark Bertness, Brian Reed Silliman and Robert Jefferies
  • "The Evolution of Jealousy," by Christine R. Harris

March-April 2004 (Volume 92, Number 2)

  • "Internal Tides and the Continental Slope," by David A. Cacchione and Lincoln F. Pratson
  • "Amphibian Decline and Emerging Disease," by Joseph M. Kiesecker, Lisa K. Belden, Katriona Shea and Michael J. Rubbo
  • "The Origin of Matter," by James M. Cline
  • "The Artificial Nile," by Scott W. Nixon
  • "The Adaptive Value of Religious Ritual," by Richard Sosis

May-June 2004 (Volume 92, Number 3)

  • "The Imperiled Giants of the Mekong," by Zeb S. Hogan, Peter B. Moyle, Bernie May, M. Jake Vander Zanden and Ian G. Baird
  • "Optically Trapped Fermi Gases," by John E. Thomas and Michael E. Gehm
  • The Structure of the Human Brain," by John S. Allen, Joel Bruss and Hanna Damasio
  • "Leaves, Flowers and Garbage Bags: Making Waves," by Eran Sharon, Michael Marder and Harry L. Swinney
  • "The Shadow Effect and the Case of Félix Tisserand," by William I. McLaughlin and Sylvia L. Miller

July-August 2004 (Volume 92, Number 4)

  • "How Do Supercontinents Assemble?" by J. Brendan Murphy and R. Damian Nance
  • "Mad-Cow Disease in Cattle and Human Beings," by Paul Brown
  • "Amazing Organohalogens," by Gordon W. Gribble
  • "Gravitational Waves and the Effort to Detect Them," by Peter S. Shawhan
  • "Free Will and Free Won't," by Sukhvinder S. Obhi and Patrick Haggard

September-October 2004 (Volume 92, Number 5)

  • "Cell Fusion," by Brenda M. Ogle and Jeffrey L. Platt
  • "Diamagnetic Levitation," by Ronald E. Pelrine
  • "The Design and Function of Cochlear Implants," by Michael F. Dorman and Blake S. Wilson
  • "The Lifestyles of the Trilobites," by Richard A. Fortey
  • "The World's Highest Forest," by Jessica Purcell, Alan Brelsford and Michael Kessler

November-December 2004 (Volume 92, Number 6)

  • "Plant Scents," by Eran Pichersky
  • "Heavy-Metal Nuclear Power," by Eric P. Loewen
  • "Relative Pitch and the Song of Black-Capped Chickadees," by Ron G. Weisman and Laurene Ratcliffe
  • "The Puzzling Origins of AIDS," by Jim Moore
  • "The Decline of the Blue Crab," by Richard F. Lee and Marc E. Frischer

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