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January-February 2003 (Volume 91, Number 1)

  • "How the Retina Works," by Helga Kolb
  • "The Hubble Constant and the Expanding Universe," by Wendy Freedman
  • "Mud, Marine Snow and Coral Reefs," by Eric Wolanski, Robert Richmond, Laurence McCook and Hugh Sweatman
  • "Bayh-Dole Reform and the Progress of Biomedicine," by Arti K. Rai and Rebecca S. Eisenberg
  • "H2O," by David Goldes

March-April 2003 (Volume 91, Number 2)

  • "Influenza," by Robert G. Webster and Elizabeth Jane Walker
  • "Dating Ancient Mortar," by John Hale, Jan Heinemeier, Lynne Lancaster, Alf Lindroos and Åsa Ringbom
  • "New Antibiotics and New Resistance," by Carlos Amábile-Cuevas
  • "Ecologically Sustainable Yield," by Richard W. Zabel, Chris J. Harvey, Steven L. Katz, Thomas P. Good and Phillip S. Levin
  • "Genealogy in the Era of Genomics," by Susanna C. Manrubia, Bernard Derrida and Damián H. Zanette

July-August 2003 (Volume 91, Number 4)

  • "Alzheimer's Disease," by Vernon M. Ingram
  • "Ice at the Lunar Poles," by Richard R. Vondrak and Dana H. Crider
  • "The Value of Positive Emotions," by Barbara L. Fredrickson
  • "Quantum Erasure," by Stephen P. Walborn, Marcelo O. Terra Cunha, Sebastião Pádua and Carlos H. Monken
  • "Conserving Biodiversity Coldspots," by Peter Kareiva and Michelle Marvier

September-October 2003 (Volume 91, Number 5)

  • "Thorium Fuel for Nuclear Energy," by Mujid S. Kazimi
  • "The Importance of Context in Genetics," by H. Frederik Nijhout
  • "Discovering the Edge of the Solar System," by Chadwick A. Trujillo
  • "The Sweet Science of Glycobiology," by Ram Sasisekharan and James R. Myette
  • "The Useful Pursuit of Shadows," by Graeme L. Stephens

November-December 2003 (Volume 91, Number 6)

  • "Aging: A Biological Perspective," Robert Arking
  • "The Centers of Planets," by Sandro Scandolo and Raymond Jeanloz
  • "Survival of the Fittest Molecule," by Willem Stemmer and Brett Holland
  • "The Origin of Gold in South Africa," by Jason Kirk, Joaquin Ruiz, John Chesley and Spencer Titley
  • "Moving Up in the World," by Mark S. Aldenderfer

May-June 2003 (Volume 91, Number 3)

  • "Prenatal Hormone Exposure and Sexual Variation," by John G. Vandenbergh
  • "The Kindness of Strangers," by Robert V. Levine
  • "Foresight in Genome Evolution," by Lynn Helena Caporale
  • "The Ancient Ceramics of West Mexico," by Robert B. Pickering, Ephraim Cuevas
  • "Science in 2006, Revisited," by Lewis M. Branscomb

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