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May-June 2002 (Volume 90, Number 3)

  • "The Global Transport of Dust," by Dale W. Griffin, Christina A. Kellogg, Virginia H. Garrison and Eugene A. Shinn
  • "Why We See What We Do," by Dale Purves, R. Beau Lotto and Surajit Nundy
  • "Traffic Crashes," by Leonard Evans
  • "Hybridization and Extinction," by Donald A. Levin
  • "Quantum Identity," by Peter Pesic

March-April 2002 (Volume 90, Number 2)

  • "Adaptive Radiation of Darwin's Finches," by Peter R. Grant and B. Rosemary Grant
  • "Free-Floating Planets and Stellar Clusters," by Jarrod Hurley and Michael Shara
  • "The Rise and Fall of Rudist Reefs," by Claudia Johnson
  • "Manatees, Bioacoustics and Boats," by Edmund R. Gerstein
  • "Computers, Paradoxes and the Foundations of Mathematics," by Gregory J. Chaitin

January-February 2002 (Volume 90, Number 1)

  • "The Eurasian Arctic During the Last Ice Age," by Martin J. Siegert, Julian A. Dowdeswell, John-Inge Svendsen and Anders Elverhøi
  • "Newborn Screening for Metabolic Diseases," by David S. Millington
  • "Tides and the Biosphere of Europa," by Richard Greenberg
  • "The Kolam Tradition," by Marcia Ascher
  • "Probing the Depths of Crater Lake," by Douglas W. Larson (Biology)

July-August 2002 (Volume 90, Number 4)

  • "Serendipitous Radiation Monitors," by Robert L. Fleischer
  • "The Evolutionary Ecology of Escherichia coli," by Valeria Souza, Amanda Castillo and Luis Eguiarte
  • "Cluster Dynamics: Fast Reactions and Coulomb Explosion," by Lutz Poth, Eric S. Wisniewski and A. Welford Castleman, Jr.
  • "Protein Structures: From Famine to Feast," by Helen M. Berman, David S. Goodsell and Philip Bourne
  • "Greek Astronomy and the Medieval Arabic Tradition," by George Saliba

September-October 2002 (Volume 90, Number 5)

  • "Observing the Beginning of Time," by Craig J. Hogan
  • "Ethnoclimatology in the Andes," by Benjamin S. Orlove, John C. H. Chiang and Mark A. Cane
  • "Deep-Ocean Life Where Oxygen Is Scarce," by Lisa A. Levin
  • "Protein Folding and Misfolding," by Jonathan King, Cameron Haase-Pettingell and David Gossard
  • "Gardening in Space," by David E. H. Jones

November-December 2002 (Volume 90, Number 6)

  • "Managing the Environmental Legacy of U.S. Nuclear-Weapons Production," by Kevin D. Crowley and John F. Ahearne
  • "Why Leaves Turn Red," by David Lee and Kevin Gould
  • "The Origin of the Solar Wind," by Richard Woo and Shadia Rifai Habbal
  • "Magnetic Resonance Imaging with Polarized Gases," by Stephen Kadlecek
  • "Science as Theater," by Kirsten Shepherd-Barr and Harry Lustig

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