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January-February 2001 (Volume 89, Number 1)

  • "The Growing Threat of Biological Weapons," by Steven M. Block
  • "Superflares and Giant Planets," by Eric P. Rubenstein
  • "Vertebrate Biology in Microgravity," by Richard J. Wassersug
  • "In Defense of Robert Andrews Millikan," by David Goodstein

March-April 2001 (Volume 89, Number 2)

  • "Gene Therapy for Pain," by Jay Yang and Christopher L. Wu
  • "Thermoelectric Clathrates," by George S. Nolas and Glen A. Slack
  • "Protecting Ourselves from Food," by Paul W. Sherman and Samuel M. Flaxman
  • "Biocavity Lasers," by Paul Gourley and Darryl Sasaki
  • "Ecology of Transgenic Crops," by Michelle Marvier

May-June 2001 (Volume 89, Number 3)

  • "How Were the Comets Made?" by Joseph A. Nuth III
  • "Preserving Salmon Biodiversity," by Phillip S. Levin and Michael H. Schiewe
  • "Combing Chromosomes," by John Herrick and Aaron Bensimon
  • "Probing Gas Hydrate Deposits," by Robert L. Kleinberg and Peter G. Brewer
  • "Alfalfa," by Michael P. Russelle

July-August 2001 (Volume 89, Number 4)

  • "Protostars," by Thomas Greene
  • "Iris Recognition," by John Daugman
  • "The MAX Phases: Unique New Carbide and Nitride Materials," by Michel W. Barsoum and Tamer El-Raghy
  • "The Nature of Emotions," by Robert Plutchik
  • "Science and Uncertainty in Habitat Conservation Planning," by Laura Watchman, Martha Groom and John D. Perrine

September-October 2001 (Volume 89, Number 5)

  • "Microspheres, Photonic Atoms and the Physics of Nothing," by Stephen Arnold
  • "Pathogens, Host-Cell Invasion and Disease," by Erich Gulbins and Florian Lang
  • "Life After Death in the Deep Sea," by Richard A. Lutz, Timothy M. Shank and Robert Evans
  • "An Argument for the Cometary Origin of the Biosphere," by Armand H. Delsemme
  • "The Shape of the Universe: Ten Possibilities," by Colin Adams and Joey Shapiro

November-December 2001 (Volume 89, Number 6)

  • "The Formation and Evolution of the Milky Way," by Cristina Chiappini
  • "Spintronics," by Sankar Das Sarma
  • "Chaos on the Quantum Scale," by Mason A. Porter, Richard L. Liboff
  • "The Challenge of Siphonous Green Algae," by Peter S. Vroom and Celia M. Smith
  • "Health and Human Society," by Clyde Hertzman

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