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January-February 2000 (Volume 88, Number 1)

  • "Impacts of Industrial Animal Production on Rivers and Estuaries," by Michael A. Mallin
  • "Connecting Materials Science and Music in Steel Drums," by Lawrence E. Murr and Everaldo Ferreyra Tello
  • "Fishing Down Aquatic Food Webs," by Daniel Pauly, Villy Christensen, Rainer Froese and Maria Lourdes Palomares
  • "The Galactic Environment of the Sun," by Priscilla Frisch
  • "Fifty Years of Radiocarbon Dating," by R. E. Taylor
  • "The Women Scientists of Bologna," by Maria Cieslak-Golonka and Bruno Morten

March-April 2000 (Volume 88, Number 2)

  • "Tracking Down a Cheating Gene," by Barry Ganetzky
  • "Simulating Solar Prominences in the Laboratory," by Paul M. Bellan
  • "What Do Animals Think About Numbers?" by Marc D. Hauser
  • "Foams and Honeycombs," by Erica G. Klarreich
  • "Electroshock Revisited," by Max Fink

May-June 2000 (Volume 88, Number 3)

  • "Reengineering the Electric Grid," by Thomas J. Overbye
  • "Biomolecules and Nanotechnology," by David S. Goodsell
  • "Vision and the Coding of Natural Images," by Bruno A. Olshausen and David J. Field
  • "Mitochondrial DNA and the Peopling of the New World," by Theodore G. Schurr
  • "Superconducting Cosmic Strings," by Alejandro Gangui

July-August 2000 (Volume 88, Number 4)

  • "Depression and the Birth and Death of Brain Cells," by Barry L. Jacobs, Henriette van Praag and Fred H. Gage
  • "Testing Ecological Patterns," by James G. Sanderson
  • "The Heart of the Milky Way," by Fulvio Melia
  • "Mathematical Devices for Getting a Fair Share," by Theodore P. Hill
  • "Measuring Success in Conservation," by Leah R. Gerber, Douglas P. DeMaster and Simona Perry Roberts

September-October 2000 (Volume 88, Number 5)

  • "The Search for QCD Exotics," by Alex R. Dzierba, Curtis A. Meyer and Eric S. Swanson
  • "Pollination of Cacti in the Sonoran Desert," by Theodore H. Fleming
  • "A New Urban Ecology," by James P. Collins, Ann Kinzig, Nancy B. Grimm, William F. Fagan, Diane Hope, Jianguo Wu and Elizabeth Borer
  • "Brain Plasticity and Recovery from Stroke," by Nina P. Azari and Rüdiger J. Seitz
  • "Andrew Ellicott Douglass and the Big Trees," by Donald J. McGraw

November-December 2000 (Volume 88, Number 6)

  • "White Dwarf Stars," by Steven Kawaler and Michael Dahlstrom
  • "Gene Chips and Functional Genomics," by Hisham Hamadeh and Cynthia Afshari
  • "The Power of Sound," by Steven L. Garrett and Scott Backhaus
  • "Scientific Publication Trends and the Developing World," by Antonio Gálvez, Mercedes Maqueda, Manuel Martínez-Bueno and Eva Valdivia
  • "The Case of Agent Gorbachev," by Kristie Macrakis

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