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January-February 1999 (Volume 87, Number 1)

  • "Molecular Conservation Genetics," by Mary V. Ashley
  • "Rocks at the Mars Pathfinder Landing Site," by Harry Y. McSween, Jr. and Scott L. Murchie
  • "Foraging by Seabirds on an Olfactory Landscape," by Gabrielle Nevitt
  • "Lead in the Inner Cities," by Howard Mielke
  • "Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining," by Carla E. Brodley, Terran Lane, Timothy M. Stough

March-April 1999 (Volume 87, Number 2)

  • "The Evolution of Hemoglobin," by Ross Hardison
  • "The Gestural Origins of Language," by Michael C. Corballis
  • "Mantle Plumes and Mountains," by J. Brendan Murphy, Gary L. Oppliger, George Brimhall and Andrew Hynes
  • "Walking on Water," by Robert B. Suter
  • "Early Canid Domestication: The Farm-Fox Experiment," by Lyudmila N. Trut

May-June 1999 (Volume 87, Number 3)

  • "Neutrino Oscillations," by Kenji Kaneyuki and Kate Scholberg
  • "Millipeds," by William A. Shear
  • "Gene Therapy," by Eric B. Kmiec
  • "Light-Reflection Strategies," by Andrew Parker
  • "The New Science of Finance," by Don M. Chance and Pamela P. Peterson

July-August 1999 (Volume 87, Number 4)

  • "Rapid Climate Change," by Kendrick Taylor
  • "DNA Vaccines as Cancer Treatment," by Edward P. Cohen, Edwin F. de Zoeten and Morton Schatzman
  • "Polarized Starlight and the Handedness of Life," by Stuart Clark
  • "The Mystery of Ticklish Laughter," by Christine R. Harris
  • "Human Embryonic Stem-Cell Research: Science and Ethics," by Shirley Wright

September-October 1999 (Volume 87, Number 5)

  • "Cliffs as Natural Refuges," by Douglas W. Larson (Plant Ecology), Uta Matthes and Peter E. Kelly
  • "Deconstructing the Milky Way Galaxy," by Henry Freudenreich
  • "Stingless-Bee Communication," by James C. Nieh
  • "Conformal Mappings," by Steven G. Krantz
  • "Ancient DNA," by George Poinar, Jr.

November-December 1999 (Volume 87, Number 6)

  • "Antarctica's Lake Vostok," by Martin J. Siegert
  • "Prokaryotes," by Michael Hoppert and Frank Mayer
  • "Water, Migration and the Serengeti Ecosystem," by Eric Wolanski, Emmanuel Gereta, Markus Borner and Simon Mduma
  • "How Will Climate Change Affect Human Health?," by Pim Martens

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