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January-February 1998 (Volume 86, Number 1)

  • "The Molecular Anatomy of an Ancient Adaptive Event," by Antony M. Dean
  • "Sinkholes in Evaporite Rocks," by Jospeh D. Martinez, Kenneth S. Johnson and James T. Neal
  • "Confronting the Boundaries of Human Longevity," by S. Jay Olshansky, Bruce A. Carnes and Douglas Grahn
  • "Solving Polynomials with Computers," by Victor Y. Pan
  • "Physiology of Helping in Florida Scrub-Jays," by Stephan J. Schoech

March-April 1998 (Volume 86, Number 2)

  • "Metastasis," by Cornelis J. F. Van Noorden, Linda C. Meade-Tollin and Fred T. Bosman
  • "Mathematics and Tensegrity," by Robert Connelly and Allen Back
  • "Transporting Water in Plants," by Martin J. Canny
  • "Creationism's Geologic Time Scale," by Donald U. Wise
  • "Is Beauty a Sign of Truth in Scientific Theories?," by James W. McAllister

May-June 1998 (Volume 86, Number 3)

  • "Speech Recognition and Sensory Integration," by Dominic W. Massaro and David G. Stork
  • "Sampling and Census 2000: The Concepts," by Tommy Wright
  • "Chemical Ecology in Antarctic Seas," by James McClintock and Bill Baker
  • "The Formation of Star Clusters," by Bruce Elmegreen and Yuri Nikolaevich Efremov
  • "Polyembryony in Armadillos," by W. J. Loughry, Paulo A. Prodöhl, Colleen McDonough and John C. Avise

July-August 1998 (Volume 86, Number 4)

  • "Animal Contests as Evolutionary Games," by Mike Mesterton-Gibbons and Eldridge S. Adams
  • "Good Vibrations," by Joyce McLaughlin
  • "Spider-Eating Spiders," by Robert R. Jackson and R. Stimson Wilcox
  • "The First Digit Phenomenon," by Theodore P. Hill
  • "Is Combustion of Plastics Desirable?," by Bruce Piasecki, David Rainey and Kevin Fletcher

September-October 1998 (Volume 86, Number 5)

  • "How the Ribosome Works," by Joachim Frank
  • "Reproductive Thermoregulation in Marine Mammals," by Sentiel A. "Butch" Rommel, Ann Pabst and William McLellan
  • "How to Boil a Nucleus," by Vic Viola and Kris Kwiatkowski
  • "From Society to Genes with the Honey Bee," by Gene E. Robinson
  • "Free Internet Access to Traditional Journals," by Thomas J. Walker

November-December 1998 (Volume 86, Number 6)

  • "The Mystery of Cloud Electrification," by Robert Black and John Hallett
  • "Elasticity in Arteries," by Robert E. Shadwick
  • "How Plants Produce Dioxygen," by Veronika A. Szalai and Gary W. Brudvig
  • "The Lancelet," by M. Dale Stokes and Nicholas D. Holland

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