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Baker, Daniel N., New Twists in Earth’s Radiation Belts, Sept., 374Buston, Peter M., and Marian Y.L. Wong, Why Some Animals Forgo Reproduction in Complex Societies, Jul., 290
Cox, Trevor, Quietest Places in the World, Sept., 382
Dantas, Gautan, and Morten O.A. Sommer, How to Fight Back Against Antibiotic Resistance, Jan., 42
Davies, Tim K., Social Media Monitors the Largest Fish in the Sea, Mar., 116
Diamond, Judy and Alan B. Bond, The Visual Trickery of Obscured Animals, Jan., 52
Dobbs, Clare, Simulating Star Formation on the Galactic Scale, Mar., 132
Finkleman David, The Dilemma of Space Debris, Jan., 26
Gelman, Andrew, and Eric Loken, The Statistical Crisis in Science, Nov., 460
Grayson, Kristine L., Nicola J. Mitchell, and Nicola J. Nelson, A Threat to New Zealand’s Tuatara Heats Up, Sept., 350
Johnson, Ashanti and Natasha D. White, Ocean Acidification: The Other Climate Change Issue, Jan., 60
Kieffer, Susan, The Deadly Dynamics of Landslides, Jul., 298
Ksepka, Daniel T., Flights of Fancy in Avian Evolution, Jan., 34
Macrakis, Kristie, The Hidden Past of Invisible Ink, May, 198
Maor, Eli, and Eugene Jost, Twisted Math and Beautiful Geometry, Mar., 140
O’Leary, Maureen, On the Trail of the First Placental Mammals, May, 190
Pinto, Fabrizio, Engines Powered by the Forces Between Atoms, Jul., 280
Rea, Phillip A., Peter Yin, and Ryan Zahalka, Can Skinny Fat Fight Obesity, Jul., 272
Robinson, Sara C., The Fine Art of Decay, May, 206
Rosenbaum, David A., Oliver Herbort, Robrecht van der Wel, and Daniel J. Weiss, What’s in a Grasp?, Sept., 366
Scerri, Eric R., Master of Missing Elements, Sept., 358
Schreiber, Henry, Acids, Metals, and the Curious Chemistry of Hydrangea Colors, Nov., 444
Taylor, Darlene K., and Uddhav Balami, Engineered Molecules for Smarter Medicines, Mar., 110
Thomson, Keith S., H.M.S. Beagle, 1820 - 1870, May, 218
Walsh, Toby, The Puzzling Nature of Candy Crush, Nov., 430
Werth, Alexander and William Shear, The Evolutionary Truth About Living Fossils, Nov., 434
Wibowo, Erik, and Richard Wassersung, Estrogen in Men, Nov., 452
Wilson, Edward O., War and Redemption in Gorongosa, May, 214
Wood, Robert J., The Challenge of Manufacturing Between Macro and Micro, Mar., 214

Arts Lab

Chianese, Robert Louis, Is nature photography too beautiful?, Jan., 64; A new language for ecology, Jul., 254
Dunn, Greg, Etching the neural landscape, Sept., 338
Nadir, Leila Christine, Invitation to an insect rendezvous, Mar., 146;
Silberstein, Stephen D. A perspective on the migraine mind , May, 226;

Computing Science

Hayes, Brian, Programming your quantum computer, Jan., 22; Uniquely me!, Mar., 106; Delving into deep learning, May, 186; Belles lettres meets big data, Jul., 262; A tale of pencil, paper, and pi, Sept., 342; Clarifying climate models Nov., 422


Petroski, Henry, In memory of the offprint, Jan., 14; Impossible points, erroneous walks, Mar., 102; Rise and fall of the pocket protector, May, 182; The story of two houses, Jul., 258; Aspirants, apprentices, and student engineers, Sept., 334; Anonymous Design, Nov., 414


Levy, Rachel, Postdoc: Mentorship Can Launch Careers, Nov., 14


Dorit, Robert L., The superorganism revolution, Sept., 330
Heng, Kevin, The nature of scientific proof in the age of simulations, May, 174
Hoffmann, Roald, Little interactions mean alot, Mar., 94; The tensions of scientific story telling, Jul., 250
Langston, Nancy, Mining the Boreal North , Mar., 98
Rothman, Tony, Searching for great adventures, Jan., 10
Shipman, Pat, The Bright Side of Black Death, Nov., 410


Clabby, Catherine, Laser-sharp vision, Jan., 18; Watching Earth change, Mar., 98; Taking a digital dive, May, 178; The real sun, unmasked, Jul., 306; Paleontology’s x-ray excavations , Sept., 386; Cell by cell, life appears, Nov., 466


Ackerman, Sandra, First Person: Exploring the Unconscious Brain, Mar. 86; Precision Medicine Takes Aim at Cancer , Jul., 246; New Information from Ancient Genomes, Sept. 326
Burke, Katie L., A safety net for scientific data, Jan., 6; First Person: Joan Strassmann, Sept., 327


Aaronson, Scott, Why is randomness so elusive?, May, 170; Quantum randomness, Jul. 266
Karol, Paul, Weighing the Kilogram, Nov. 426
Langston, Lee S., A path forward for nuclear power, Mar., 90
Piazza, Stephen, Why is it so hard to stop sports concussions?, Sept., 346

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