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A Note from the Editors

With the March–April 2013 issue of American Scientist, the Scientists’ Bookshelf is just one month shy of 70 years of publication. In a time of diminishing resources, we have been forced to consolidate and focus our efforts. This issue will be the last to feature the section. We are sad to see the end of the Bookshelf, and we regret that it will not reach a print run of at least threescore and ten years.

American Scientist will continue to run Nanoviews. As time permits, we will also feature Scientists’ Nightstands, author interviews and other books coverage. Our archive of reviews from 1998 to the present is freely available online, and earlier issues’ reviews can be accessed via JSTOR. To aid readers in finding additional reviews of science- and math-oriented titles, in February 2013 we will resume publication of our free science books e-newsletter. Please check our website for details:

Readers may also wish to see the recently updated list of science book review resources at These include the e-newsletter Science Book News (; the science e-book review Download the Universe (; and the Krell Institute’s website, Krell will begin publishing book reviews under the name Scientists’ Bookshelf this spring. The section will be entirely unaffiliated with American Scientist.

Thank you for reading. And we offer our gratitude to the reviewers who have written for the Scientists’ Bookshelf over the years, extending a conversation that is critical in two senses of the word: sharply discerning, and essential to improving scientists’ and the public’s understanding of new ideas in the sciences. We are profoundly thankful for your efforts.

Anna Lena Phillips, senior editor and book review editor
David Schoonmaker, editor

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