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Science Gift Guide 2016


As the year wanes, the American Scientist editorial hive starts buzzing over the science books we’re compiling for the annual gift guide. No matter how tricky and complex the business of book publishing becomes (and book publishing as a business has long been tricky and complex), we're continually astonished by how many STEM-related books appear over a given year, how strong and vibrant a group it tends to be, and how many would make terrific gifts.

Once again, we’ve selected a range of books—spanning the sciences and intended for a variety of readers, young and old—that we’re eager to share with you. We hope they'll provide you and those on your holiday list many hours of enjoyment.

By the way, this year we’re also highlighting some gift options that don’t happen to be books, in our very first STEM Wish List.

Wishing you a very happy holiday season. And may your gift seeking be easy as π!

STEM Books for Young Children

STEM Books for Older Children

STEM Wish List

STEM Picture Books

STEM Reads

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