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Volume 95 | Number 2 | March-April 2007

Meet Mr. Polytope

Tony Rothman

A review of King of Infinite Space: Donald Coxeter, the Man Who Saved Geometry, by Siobhan Roberts. One interesting element of this biography is its exploration of Coxeter's interaction with artists such as M. C. Escher

The Origins of 20th-Century Progress

David E. Nye

A combined review of Creating the Twentieth Century: Technical Innovations of 1867-1914 and Their Lasting Impact and Transforming the Twentieth Century: Technical Innovations and Their Consequences, both by Vaclav Smil. Technological progress in the 20th century consisted mainly in refining and intensifying the use of machines and processes created before World War I, says Smil

Expansive Thoughts

Craig Hogan

A review of Many Worlds in One: The Search for Other Universes, by Alex Vilenkin. Vilenkin takes the reader on an engaging personalized tour of cosmology

The Middleman

Anthony Grafton

A review of The First Copernican: Georg Joachim Rheticus and the Rise of the Copernican Revolution, by Dennis Danielson. A thoughtful popular biography of the skillful middleman who brought Copernicus's work to the world

Fundamentally Mistaken

James Brown

A review of Why Darwin Matters: The Case Against Intelligent Design, by Michael Shermer. Shermer attempts to keep fence-sitting Christians from falling into the antievolution camp

Defending Darwinism

Richard Bellon

A review of Darwinism and Its Discontents, by Michael Ruse. Ruse confronts those who treat Darwin's theory with suspicion, squeamishness or malign neglect and defends Darwinism from its false friends

Misuse of Models

Carl Wunsch

A review of Useless Arithmetic: Why Environmental Scientists Can't Predict the Future, by Orrin H. Pilkey and Linda Pilkey-Jarvis. When the political universe demands answers that science cannot yet provide, people often resort to the blind use of quantitative models. The results are not pretty

Instrumental Journey

Pierre Laszlo

A review of Shifting and Rearranging: Physical Methods and the Transformation of Modern Chemistry, by Carsten Reinhardt. A captivating account of how organic chemists tamed the technology of spectroscopy

Murphy's Law in Action

Scott Shappell

A review of The Atomic Chef and Other True Tales of Design, Technology, and Human Error, by Steven Casey. Flaws in design or technology can easily lead the unwitting to the brink of disaster

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