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Volume 91 | Number 6 | November-December 2003

Butterflies as Bioindicators

Henry Horn

The superb Butterflies: Ecology and Evolution Taking Flight contains much to interest those with a background in science and an amateur’s love of lepidoptera

Adaptive Glory

Daniel W. McShea

Darwin and Design offers a fascinating account of the argument from design, from its inception in ancient Greece through Darwin to the present day

Eyes on the Prize

David Cantor

J. Michael Bishop's How to Win the Nobel Prize is an amalgam of autobiography, history of science and opinion

Berlin Days

Daniel Kennefick

Thomas Levenson's Einstein in Berlin offers a compelling narrative of World War I and the rise and fall of Berlin as capital of the Weimar Republic, occasionally interrupted by exposition of Einstein's scientific work

The Investigations and Inventions of Volta

Fabio Bevilacqua

Giuliano Pancaldi's detailed, ambitious book on Alessandro Volta beautifully describes the interesting and complicated events that led to the battery

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Alvin Sub

Happy Birthday to Alvin! August 2014 marks the 50th anniversary of Alvin, the submersible that has been so influential in ocean research, including the discovery of hydrothermal vents. In 2014, a retrofitted Alvin also took its first test cruise.

Heather Olins, a doctoral candidate at Harvard, studies microbial ecology at deep sea hydrothermal vents with the help of Alvin, and shares her personal tribute to the submersible on these landmark occasions.

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