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Volume 89 | Number 3 | May-June 2001

The Enemy Within

Julie Parsonnet

A review of Plague Time: How Stealth Infections Cause Cancers, Heart Disease, and Other Deadly Ailments, by Paul W. Ewald.

Debunking Biological Theories of Race

C. Loring Brace

A review of The Emperor's New Clothes: Biological Theories of Race at the Millennium, by Joseph L. Graves, Jr.

Waiting to Take You Away

Tim Royappa

A review of A Chemical History Tour: Picturing Chemistry from Alchemy to Modern Molecular Science, by Arthur Greenberg.

Untangling Molecular Knots

Buks van Rensburg

A review of When Topology Meets Chemistry: A Topological Look at Molecular Chirality, by Erica Flapan.

A Pygmy Among Giants: Behind the Scenes at the NSF

Robert Kohler

A review of Shaping Biology: The National Science Foundation and American Biological Research, 1945?1975, by Toby A. Appel.

Wiles's Proof, 1993-1995

Fernando Q. Gouv?a

A review of The Fermat Diary, by C. J. Mozzochi.

Grizzlies that Bear Watching

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