March Mammal Madness, Science Communication’s “Big Dance,” Is Back

David ShiffmanMar 6, 2017

The annual Twitter event returns with 64 mammal species ready to fight to the virtual death for your entertainment and education.

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Wetlands: Climate Change, Restoration, and Management

Katie L. BurkeSep 9, 2016

As the climate changes, wetlands around the world experience major shifts in their functioning that can put biodiversity and ecosystem services at risk. Understanding these changes can enable better wetlands management and restoration.

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Confessions of a Herbarium-Savvy Field Biologist

Carolyn BeansDec 7, 2015

With natural history collections in decline, what's a busy researcher to do with specimens from past studies?

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How Hair Ice Grows

Fenella SaundersNov 9, 2015

Updated research shows how long, thin strands of ice, called hair ice, forms from decomposing wood.

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Up Close with Lemur Gut Bugs

Lydia GreeneOct 29, 2015

The World Lemur Festival starts today, and is a great occasion to celebrate these charismatic primates—and their poop.

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Slideshow: Where the Xingu Bends and Will Soon Break

Katie L. Burke, Barbara AulicinoOct 21, 2015

A hotly contested megadam threatens an incubator for evolutionary diversity in Brazil.

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Timeline of the Controversial Belo Monte Megadam in Brazil

Mark Sabaj PérezOct 14, 2015

The history of the Belo Monte dam is fraught with controversy and legal battles, dating back to 1979.

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Pros and Cons of the U.S. Federal Strategy to Protect Pollinators

Kaitlin Stack WhitneySep 17, 2015

While it is laudable to have focused and measurable goals for such a far-reaching federal strategy, in terms of lands and agencies implicated, the three goals of the White House pollinator plan are surprisingly limited in scope.

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Audio Exclusive: An Interview with Fracking Expert Avner Vengosh

Katie L. BurkeSep 9, 2015

What water quality issues related to hydraulic fracturing and shale gas extraction does geochemist Avner Vengosh think are of most concern to the public?

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