Undoing Tattoos

Raychelle BurksMar 20, 2017

From antiquity to the modern day, tattoo removal has required tattoo holders to put some skin in the game. But the science has come a long way.

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Fire’s Weird Behavior in Space

Fenella SaundersApr 13, 2016

In the microgravity environment of outer space, flames burn very differently than they do on Earth. Understanding those differences not only helps researchers grasp the properties of combustion and burning, but is also crucial for outer-space missions.

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Up Close with Lemur Gut Bugs

Lydia GreeneOct 29, 2015

The World Lemur Festival starts today, and is a great occasion to celebrate these charismatic primates—and their poop.

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Can Your Phone Tell You If Your Food Is Safe?

Fenella SaundersOct 10, 2015

[VIDEO] Determining whether your food is safe to eat could soon be as simple as activating an app and pointing your mobile phone at the meal on your plate. In the latest in our series of Google Hangouts with Sigma Xi Distinguished Lecturers, Omowunmi Sadik discusses biosensors—what they are, how they work, and how they can help us determine whether our food contains unsafe levels of pathogens. Along the way, Dr. Sadik also talks about electrochemical "fingerprints," nanotechnology ethics, regulatory processes, and the patenting process, as well as her early years of studying science in Lagos, Nigeria.

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Audio Exclusive: An Interview with Fracking Expert Avner Vengosh

Katie L. BurkeSep 9, 2015

What water quality issues related to hydraulic fracturing and shale gas extraction does geochemist Avner Vengosh think are of most concern to the public?

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Oliver Sacks Remembered, in Books

Fenella SaundersSep 4, 2015

The noted neurologist preferred to write popular books over peer-reviewed papers, so a celebration of his life in books seems fitting.

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