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David Schneider


David Schneider, former assistant managing editor of American Scientist, is now a senior editor at IEEE Spectrum.

By this author :

Book Review

Land of Ghosts, Being a Photographer, Encyclopedia of Caves and more...

A Field Guide to Sprawl, Astonishing Animals and more

The Architecture and Design of Man and Woman, Origins, Ultimate Robot and more...

Degrees Kelvin, Why We Do It and more...

Out of Gas, Compass, Consciousness and more...

Pandora's Baby, Bicycling Science, The Mapmaker's Wife and more . . .

Alpha and Omega, Universe on a T-Shirt, Explorers and Natives in the Polar North and more . . .

Road Ecology, Birding on Borrowed Time, and more . . .


An interview with David Goodstein


DIY Science

Short takes on three books

Short takes on three books

Short takes on three books

Short takes on two books

Short takes on three books

Short takes on three books

Short takes on three books

Short takes on six books

Short takes on five books

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